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Road to South - Mar 2008

Muhammed Imran's writeup of the Road to South - March 2008.

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23rd June 2008, by Muhammed Imran | Tours |

Road to south

Over 3 months planning finally came to an end and we set off from Lahore, towards the southern part of country on the evening of 28th March 2008. This was a long awaited tour that Club had been planning for months and months and could not be executed earlier because of official (or unofficial ;) ) commitments of some members . End of March was a rather late time because summer was about to start and we were worried about the heat along the way. We  finally managed to hit the road and the fun was all there for taking. Plan was to drive all the way to Karachi through southern Punjab and Sindh, a distance spanning 1,200 Kms. Second half of the plan was to travel further west from the Karachi driving through the newly constructed 650 Kms long costal highway and hit Gawader, a city in the making; in the future of Pakistan.

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Neel Waan - Mar 2007

Omair Haroon’s writeup of the Neel-a-waan in March 2007.

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March 23, 2007, by Omair haroon | Tours |

Adventure Outing - Mar 2007

The target was “Neel Waan”, A valley with distinctive, almost vertical, slopes on three sides. The place was also popular for ‘Aab-e-shifa’, a stream of fresh water believed to have healing powers, but PJ’s target was to trek down to the bottom. It was a difficult (atleast for 3 PJs) trek, characterized by a layer of small round rocks which made keeping one’s balance difficult and more importantly by almost vertical angle of descent. The sanity of the idea of actually trying to get to the foot of the mountain was questioned when AQPJ literally spelled out how to revive him if he goes unconscious. Taking a lot of breaks, slips, turns, and each other’s, the PJs finally reached their intended target. The view was breathtaking; the walls of the valley daunting; the water in the stream cold; and the big stone a place to rest.

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